The Free Internet war game - eternal strife on the battle sphere
by Faraway Games

Clan Gabar was in trouble. Five Titans in all, a young clan still cocky and full of violent intent, they had rushed into the biomass field, breeders first. Clan Shogra was waiting, four fourth generation fighters had staked out the field, two to the East and two to the West.

Breeder Gatuk had received the first salvoes, twelve heavy missiles slamming into its shields, which proved insufficient. The tech levels of the elder clan were telling and seven missiles penetrated, exploding on the Gatuks gleaming new hide. The biomass dissolved under the nano hunger and half the computers crashed, all the shields were destroyed and the breeders prized spawning chamber vented and dissolved. The Gatuk was left disabled, barely viable and stranded far from clan Gabar's fighters.

Shogra was jubilant, the clan planned to take the attack further, and another three fighters vectored in from the West, herding their breeders with them, rather than leave them for wolf clans to devour. The war screams boomed fourth as the melee was joined.

Gabar knew what must be done, alliances had been tentative for this new born clan, but now they became true binding, alliances promising mutual favour and protection were sealed in real time and the mighty Chang Wess clans moved their hunting pack North to join the frey. The Gatuk was left for dead as the rest of clan Gabar powered up their engines and raced South to meet the Chang Wess. The unshielded Titans suffered mightily from the Shogra's pursuing shots, but they escaped the field and the computer nano could soon cycle through the repairs.

For Shogra this was another dilemma. To pursue or break off...

The Internet war game.

The game gives each player control of a Titan clan, they must nurture their forces, directing the spawning of the next generation to advance tech levels while fighting for the right to the bio-mass fields.

Each Titan contains five major inter-related systems. Incoming salvos will splash against the shielding or get past the defenses to drill through to the internals, vaporizing systems with nano hunger. Frantic damage control can revive the Titan to fight another day, or they can fight to the death, attempting to cripple the opposition for other forces to finish off.

There are two game worlds running, one plays a turn every day, and one plays three times a week. These are known as the fast game and the slow game and exist to cator for your level of commitment and free time. All communication from game server to game client is either email based for off line play or internet based to get and send your orders while on-line.

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Why should I play?

If you enjoy war games or tactical computer games you will like this. It is not a real time multi-media experience, but a go-per-day game. The game is designed so you can easily slide out and rejoin after days or weeks, the combat is designed to ensure your clan is not destroyed in one foul swoop, and if you do get obliterated you can restart. Contact with other players is encouraged through emails, but this is optional and your address is hidden and cannot be seen by other players.

How much commitment is required?

Each turn can take as little as a few minutes to work out. However, if your clan is getting larger and you have many enemies you can carefully consider where the resources are, how advanced the opposition is and generally enjoy the whole experience.

How do I win?

No one can win! The game is open ended, older clans will be technically far in advance of younger ones and politics will soon start, as more powerful clans form accords to protect and nurture friends while enemies will be driven away. Alternatively older clans can simply fight all comers - but beware of the less powerful uniting! After about a year this tech advantage goes away and all clans are equal due to a cap on tech levels.

A scoring system allows you to determine how well you are doing, it also effects the size restriction placed upon your clan - those that score more can have larger clans!

How do I play?

Everything you need to play is in this site, it can all be run from within your browser, or be downloaded and run locally. This game is free forever...

But there is a payment link on the main page!

OK, agreed. After about 2 or 3 months your clan will hit its limits of 60 Titans. At this time you can opt to pay and gain a Clan Hall and an increased limit of 100 Titans. Some players do this and others don't. Its up to you and doesn't effect your ability to enjoy the game.

Basically, if you enjoy the game and want to compete with a larger clan size and clan halls then you can pay.

Payment is by credit card only, over the Internet using the payment page.

If this makes you worried, then please do not be. Payment is handled by a company specializing in secure credit card transactions on the Internet, at no time are your credit card details sent without state of the art encryption and security procedures. Basically, its as secure as any possibly credit card payment mechanism can be.

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