Here are the banner ads placed at verious sites on the web
If you want to link to me please use one of these...

This is from the new batch of ads starting feb 1st around the net.
A call to action and the magic FREE word.

Free online war game!
A tiny ad, 88 X 31 pixels

[16K, loops farever]
This was the first, apparently eyes attract the eye, and attractive eyes attact more. So the girl is there to do just that.

[18K, loops forever]
This banner attempts to pull in computer strategy gamers, it is really fighting the 20K limit which most sites enforce.

[21K, loops forever]
The colourful story, the version below is smaller and less colourful.

[16K, loops forever]
Teasing people in with a bit of a story, playing down the wargaming nature,
and maybe making the game out to be more real time than it is.

[20K, loops forever]
Even more of a story, again the 20K limit is hard to fight.
It shows that strategies can be implemented by players and is again aimed at computer strategy gamers.

[20K, loops forever]
An ad aimed entirely at traditional wargamers. I used to be one of these, and I enjoy Tartarus, so I think they would as well.

[19K, loops forever]
Same as the last one, but different images.

[20K, loops forever]
And another version of the above. All three of these are trying to create variety.

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