Game StatusActive, more Aliens welcome!
Game TypeGalactic wargame of space fleet battles
PlayersStrategic and tactical wargamers.
DurationOpen ended turn based. Fight in many systems at once, against many aliens, playing at different rates - many times a day, or only several times a week.
TechnologyDownloadable java game client displays maps and turn reports with histories.
  • Fight individual fleet battles to create colonies and build an empire.
  • Field pirate fleets to hijack revenue and destroy alien planets.
  • Epic combat to raise Epic ships, masters of every conflict.
  • Design ships of all classes, creating unique fleet combinations.
  • Join with aliens to form Empires that will dominate the stars

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    Massively multiplayer space combat.

    Ripspace places you in charge of your species space fleet, your charge being to settle new colonies and destroy the alien races who would take them off you. Alternatively, you could hide in the shadows, your pirate fleets blockading trade gates from the imperials who would exploit the galaxy.

    A player designed ship

    You can design your ships from the ground up, placing habitat, engines, spindizzies, drone racks, swarm generators, factories, mass scoops, cargo holds and armour to make your ships fit for battle. If you don't fancy ship design then just use the prebuilt ships and concentrate on the tactics and strategies which will see your race prosper.

    Your ships are moved on the galactic plane to systems open to the tide. They jump into the unknown, and if there are enemy there battle will soon start.

    It is designed for wargamers rather than RTS gamers, being hex and turned based. It rewards players who plan ship design carefully and coordinate their fleets to gain victory. It is not fast reactions, but careful planning and nerve that will gain you victory and crush your enemies before you.

    In almost any battle you can always retreat, preserving your precious ships for future conflicts. You will no doubt start to have allies and enemies, other races who you will love to hate. Your ships success rate will be reflected in it's DarkLight, which will effect it's future success.

    Alternatively, fight for the glory of Epic Blooms, harvesting them to prove your crew to be better than all of your enemies and at the same time improve their chance of future victory.

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    Why should I play?

    If you enjoy war games or tactical computer games you will like this. It is not a real time multi-media experience, but a turn based strategy game. The game is designed so you can easily remove all your ships from combat to take a break, returning after days or weeks. The combat is designed so that killing ships that want to escape is hard. Contact with other players is encouraged through in game messages and forums. This is optional - your level of involvement is up to you.

    How much commitment is required?

    Turns are played as often as people submit orders - all space battles are limited to about 10 ships, and up to that many players. Once all the orders are in for a system the turn will process.

    You can fight in multiple battles at once - as many as you have ships for. Gaining new ships requires revenue from colonies; these are very simple to run, but far harder to defend. Again, this is a game of combat, and not a finance management game. If you don't fancy colonies you can play a small fleet with no revenue at all, or use piracy to gain revenue. Epic ships become free, and the best space pirates will grow their fleets in that way.

    Each turn in a system can be done in as little as a few minutes, or you can savour the options and plan with more care. Some players will build empires, others will run small pirate fleets - because of the fleet restrictions the players will fight on a level playing field.

    How do I win?

    No one can win overall, it is an open ended game. However, you will win individual battles, and your ships will gain in stature as they do. Dark light levels and Epic crews will show on the game ladders and you will know who the best players are.

    How do I play?

    Everything you need is on this site. Download the game client and join up now!

    Is it really free?

    Yes, totally. If you love it and fancy donating then please do as there are running costs, but I don't require or expect it. So, it is free!

    I'm not sure, what does it look like?

    This game is not 3d, and you don't play it for it's looks. The gameplay is great though! However, to see some screen shots, click here.


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