Game History


Faraway Games has been running Tartarus through three Epochs since 1998. Ripspace is younger, in beta for a year, and live for a year. So it has been running since 2005, but has only been advertised since December 2007.

Our aim is to run community based wargames focused on fun, and ability. Players who think about their play over tactical and strateguc timescales should and will win over those who only respond to the latest turn report.

If you want to learn more on the history of RipSpace or see our adverts or link back to us please explore the links on the left.

If you want to contact support then you have to use the forums - I used to provide a support email address but got spammed by swine with 6000 emails a day. The internet is a dangerous place for a small games company!

I hope you like the game, I hope you have fun, and if you need to get in touch then please use the forums.


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